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CRMS We Work With

Here’s a closer look at some of the key products we specialize in:


Craft detailed and tailored specifications to optimize Salesforce CRM functionalities. Our approach involves a meticulous analysis of your business processes, translating them into precise specifications for customized workflows, data management, and seamless integrations within Salesforce.


Define intricate specifications for your HubSpot CRM, focusing on specific functionalities to streamline marketing automation, lead management, and customer interactions. Our specifications ensure alignment with your business needs for effective utilization of HubSpot capabilities.


Tailor specifications for your Zoho CRM system, emphasizing collaborative functionalities, data organization, and workflow automation. Our detailed specifications pave the way for an efficient and customized Zoho CRM tailored to your business processes.


Specify CRM functionalities within your WordPress platform, outlining integration needs and customer interaction management. Our specifications ensure seamless data flow and cohesive CRM experiences within your WordPress environment.


Define specifications for Azure-based CRM solutions, concentrating on scalability, security, and seamless integration within the Azure framework. Our approach tailors CRM functionalities to align with Azure’s infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.


Detail specifications for integrating Cloudflare’s services into your CRM system, focusing on security fortification and performance optimization. Our specifications ensure a secure CRM environment, leveraging Cloudflare’s features for enhanced protection and swift performance.

Our System Specifications Stages

At Edver, we meticulously navigate the integration journey, ensuring a seamless fusion of your systems. Our approach encompasses distinct stages to guarantee precision, efficiency, and optimal performance:

This stage is all about understanding your business objectives and CRM needs. We identify key stakeholders and target audiences to ensure alignment with your goals.

We meticulously define the technical and functional requirements specific to your CRM solutions. Together, we set key milestones and deliverables, ensuring transparency and alignment.

In this phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of your existing CRM setups (if any) and other systems interacting with Salesforce. Extensive market research is conducted to align your solutions with industry standards, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Transforming insights into action, we create clear, detailed specification documents. These documents serve as the blueprint for your CRM solution, providing a structured plan for implementation.

Collaboration is at our core. We review the specification documentation with you to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives. Together, we finalize the plan, laying the groundwork for the next steps.

We craft a detailed roadmap outlining the journey ahead, from implementation to ongoing support and maintenance. This roadmap acts as a strategic guide to achieving your CRM goals.

Benefits Of Implementation By Edver


User-Centric Approach

At Edver, we prioritize a user-focused approach that extends beyond data presentation. We empower your end-users by helping them process data effectively and take appropriate actions. This user-centric approach ensures that the solutions we implement not only meet your needs but also enhance your user’s experience.


Friendly Collaboration

We believe that friendly collaboration is key to a successful implementation. We uphold principles of knowledge sharing, transparency, and honesty. When working with Edver, you can expect us to provide candid feedback and support, recognizing that your success is intertwined with ours.


Expert Knowledge

Edver’s commitment is to remain knowledgeable about technological changes that could impact your business. Our depth of industry experience, ongoing certification programs, active participation in tech communities, knowledge sharing with customers, and curious mindset ensure that we are always prepared to provide you with the latest and most relevant solutions.

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Kelly Gregorakis
Kelly GregorakisChief Marketing Officer
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"I’ve had a truly fantastic experience with Edver from the start. I vetted several vendors and nothing compared for knowledge, skill, communication and execution.I’m confident in their work. Their responsiveness is stellar. And with the time difference, I can make a request, go to sleep. Wake up and it’s usually done."

Lety Rodriguez
Lety RodriguezDirector of Business Development
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"If there had been a higher score than 5, I would have selected it. Rarely do we have an opportunity to work with a company so well organized, supportive, knowledgeable, friendly and just a joy to work with, for me that is Edver and everyone there. "

Paul Moger
Paul MogerBusiness Unit Director
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"Easy to work with, very flexible, good level of expertise and reliable. Edver came in to replace another partner that was not performing. They got the job done efficiently and on time.

Teodora Georgieva
Teodora Georgieva Head Of Training at Kinpoint GmbH
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"The whole team at Edver has been extremely professional in their communication. This is our second collaboration with them and the work delivered has always been spot on. Krinstina, who was delivering most of the work was very transparent and communicated obstacles in a very timely manner and acted proactively, proposing numerous solutions with their pros and cons, and delivered very informed recommendations."

Rachel Singer
Rachel SingerCRM Salesforce.com expert at Solvay
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"We really appreciate to work with Stan and if we have a following project we would like him to be part of it. We engaged Edver via our vendor Asenium."

Ian Smith
Ian SmithCEO
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"Stan Turyn at Edver leads a highly-structured Salesforce Development capability, ideally suited to both Salesforce Customers and Partners globally."


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CRM system specifications define the detailed requirements, functionalities, and capabilities needed for an effective CRM solution. They are vital as they outline the system’s scope, ensuring alignment with business objectives and meeting user needs.

Determining CRM specifications involves extensive analysis of business processes, stakeholder requirements, and user workflows. We conduct thorough assessments, gather stakeholder inputs, and define specifications aligned with business goals.

CRM system specifications encompass various aspects, including user roles, data management, integration requirements, customization needs, security protocols, reporting functionalities, scalability, and compliance standards.

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