Case Study

Empower Health


Empower Health, previously Care Angel, aimed to redefine customer engagement in the healthcare industry by leveraging advanced AI technology. Partnering with MC Account Engagement , our client sought to revamp their lead qualification strategies and streamline processes within Salesforce to enhance their overall business operations.


Our client  encountered dissatisfaction with previous contractors and recognized the need for a tailored solution aligning Pardot functionalities with their distinct business vision. Their primary challenge involved the optimization of lead qualification and improvement of customer engagement strategies.


  1. Refining Pardot Functionalities:


  • Scoring Customization: They customized the Scoring model to increase scores for prospects engaging in specific actions such as form submissions or page visits. This allowed for a more accurate assessment of prospect interest.


  • Automation Enhancement: Automation rules were set up to reset scores post-purchase cycle. This ensured efficient prospect assignment to respective sales representatives, facilitating smoother transitions between marketing and sales.


  1. Introduction of Grading System:


  • Criteria Identification: Defining specific criteria (Title, Organization Type, Physician Group Size) for grading prospects based on their alignment with EmpowerHealth’s ideal customer profile.


  • Grade Customization: The team assigned grade letters based on how well prospect data matched their ideal customer profile. This allowed for a more nuanced evaluation of prospect quality.

How the Solution Works

The Grading system serves as a filtering mechanism, evaluating prospects based on their titles, organization types, and physician group sizes. By comparing prospect data with EmpowerHealth’s ideal customer profile, the system assigns grades, enabling the prioritization of prospects based on alignment with business goals.


Implementing this system enabled us to prioritize prospects based not solely on engagement scores but also on their fit with the ideal customer profile. This strategic shift ensured a targeted approach towards prospects displaying both high activity and alignment with EmpowerHealth’s goals.

Technologies and Tools Used

We successfully executed the solution using Sales Cloud, Pardot, and HubSpot, integration these tools to streamline their marketing and sales efforts effectively.

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