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Salesforce Products We Implement

At Edver, we’re your dedicated partner throughout the entire Salesforce journey, from planning and implementation to support, integration, and modernization.

Marketing Cloud

Empower your brand with Marketing Cloud, an intelligent automation platform. Our specialized Salesforce and Pardot implementation services tailor Marketing Cloud to your unique needs. We excel in capturing, unifying, and activating audience data, allowing you to create highly personalized customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Data Cloud (CDP)

Effortlessly organize and unify data from Salesforce and external sources with Data Cloud (CDP). Our expertise in Salesforce and Pardot implementation extends to Data Cloud, providing the foundation for personalized engagement. Through identity resolution, we offer a unified, actionable view of your customers, leveraging the world's leading customer platform to drive your business success.

Sales & Service Cloud

Enhance your business operations and customer interactions with Sales & Service Cloud, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view. Sales Cloud empowers your sales team to build stronger relationships with customers and employees. Our expertise extends to Service Cloud implementation, whether it's starting from scratch or customizing your existing solution.

Net Zero Cloud

Transform your organization with Net Zero Cloud, a comprehensive sustainability management solution. Our expertise in data integration from multiple sources, aligning perfectly with your goals. We guarantee data integrity for investor and regulatory reporting, providing intelligent emissions predictions, actionable reduction recommendations, and progress tracking toward net-zero targets.

Pardot (MC Account Engagement)

Boasting some of the deepest expertise in the market, our team transforms B2B marketing campaigns with Pardot, your comprehensive solution for driving robust lead generation. Our dedicated implementation services don't just streamline pipeline tracking—they expedite the journey from prospect to cherished customer, enhancing your marketing ROI with precision and pace.

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Our Services


System Analysis & System Specifications

Edver - The First

We kick off the process with a collaborative initial consultation. This stage is all about understanding your business objectives and Salesforce needs. We identify key stakeholders and target audiences to ensure alignment with your goals.

Building upon the initial consultation, we move into comprehensive requirement gathering. We meticulously define the technical and functional requirements specific to your Salesforce solutions. Together, we set key milestones and deliverables, ensuring transparency and alignment.

In this phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of your existing Salesforce setups (if any) and other systems interacting with Salesforce. Extensive market research is conducted to align your Salesforce solutions with industry standards, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Transforming insights into action, we create clear, detailed specification documents. These documents serve as the blueprint for your Salesforce solution, providing a structured plan for implementation.

Collaboration is at our core. We review the specification documentation with you to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives. Together, we finalize the plan, laying the groundwork for the next steps.

We craft a detailed roadmap outlining the journey ahead, from implementation to ongoing support and maintenance. This roadmap acts as a strategic guide to achieving your Salesforce goals.


System Implementation - Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho

Edver Profit Sharing Plan

With a solid plan in place, we initiate the project, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and ready to proceed.

We configure Salesforce to match your unique requirements, ensuring a tailored fit for your organization.

If needed, we engage in custom development to create unique solutions that align with your specific needs.

 Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure the implemented solutions meet your expectations and are free of bugs.

We seamlessly deploy the solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to the new Salesforce environment.

Comprehensive training is provided to ensure your team is fully equipped to use the new Salesforce solutions effectively.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

We establish the necessary administrative support structures to ensure smooth operations.

Automation solutions are developed to streamline your Salesforce processes.

 Customized reporting and dashboard solutions are created to provide real-time insights.

Our team remains available for ongoing consultation and advice to help you maximize Salesforce.

Ongoing customization and enhancement services adapt Salesforce to your evolving needs.

 Continuous knowledge transfer ensures your team stays updated with Salesforce best practices.


System Integration

Edver - Freelancers are welcome​

We plan and strategize integrations to ensure seamless data flow between systems.

APIs are configured to enable efficient data exchange between Salesforce and other applications.

For unique integration needs, we develop custom solutions that align with your requirements.

Integrations are rigorously tested and validated to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

We deploy integrations, ensuring they function flawlessly within your ecosystem.

We continually monitor and optimize integrations to maintain peak performance.


System Modernization

We assess your existing systems and plan for modernization to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Data and systems are prepared for a smooth transition to upgraded solutions.

Your systems are upgraded to leverage the latest technology and features.

We ensure seamless data migration to preserve essential information.

Modernized systems undergo rigorous testing and validation to guarantee they meet your needs.

Training and support are provided to ensure your team effectively adopts the modernized systems.

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Contract Models

Daily & Monthly Rates

  • Clients are billed based on set daily or monthly rates for the services provided.
  • Suitable for both short-term and long-term projects, including annual engagements.
  • Allows flexibility as project requirements change, with billing adjusting to the project’s evolving needs.


  • Clients agree to a fixed regular payment, usually monthly, for ongoing services and support.
  • Ideal for long-term engagements where continuous service, availability, and support are important.
  • Helps with budget planning through predictable costs, and builds a closer.

Edver's Promise

We are user-focused and friendly. But first and foremost, our promise to you is to pay attention. Pay attention to your aims, to your users, to the technologies that affect you now or can affect you in the future. 


Working with you, we always try to follow these principles: be generous with sharing knowledge,always be willing to put ourselves... be truthful even when being truthful means delivering tough news, knowing that your ultimate success is our success too.

End-User Focused

It's not enough to put the right data in front of a user. It's only half the job. They also need to be able (a) to process that data, and (b) to act appropriately on it.

Empowering users...Empowering users... to achieve all three is at the core of what we aim to deliver for you. And knowing how to deal with users’ unarticulated needs is our superpower.​


Technology capabilities are advancing faster than users' knowledge of what to ask for.

Edver's promise to you is to keep up to date with technology changes that have the potential to impact you, at least... We will keep this promise by: Utilizing our decades of industry experience, Continuous certification program, Participation in wider tech communities, Mutual sharing of experience with our customers, Always staying curious.

Ask Us a Question

Likely, you came across us via a satisfied customer’s referral or due to our notable expertise in tech, particularly within specific Salesforce platforms. We’re distinct because of our strong business analysis skills and our approach to crafting solutions that evolve based on your users’ actual needs, not solely on technical requirements. This blend of deep Salesforce knowledge, business insight, and user-focused strategy is what makes us a valuable partner in your digital journey.

Data security is a top priority at Edver. We have stringent measures in place, including binding Non-Disclosure Agreements for all employees, mandatory data security training, and strict policies restricting access to company-issued, audited equipment only. Furthermore, we establish a comprehensive data processing agreement and NDA between Edver and each client, ensuring your data’s safety is legally safeguarded.

We are exclusive partners with Salesforce, focusing on platforms that include the Salesforce-only Net Zero Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), Data Cloud (CDP), Sales & Service Cloud. Our expertise is deep and focused, ensuring top-tier solutions for your business needs.

Our strength comes from our expertise in business analysis. We start by diving deep into your operations, learning through workshops and discussions to understand not just the obvious needs but also the hidden ones. This method ensures our solutions are truly tailored for you, evolving with your business over time. By deeply understanding your core business, we align our strategies with your objectives, becoming a dedicated partner in your company’s ongoing growth and success.

Absolutely. Based in the EU, we naturally align with European business hours. For our American clients, we’ve adapted our schedule to ensure overlap with your working day. We guarantee daily availability for a minimum of 3 hours during your business hours for regular operations, and we’re on hand for emergencies until 5 PM ET. We value direct communication, so we’re also open to discussing specific SLA requirements to cater to your unique business needs.

For support, we offer full-time and part-time dedicated specialists or a monthly retainer model. For implementation, we provide fixed-fee workshops and a time and materials model, ensuring flexibility and alignment with your project’s scale and complexity.

Our primary operations serve clients in the EU and the UK. We also handle projects in the United States (Eastern and Central time zones), Israel, and Canada, and are open to working with companies from other regions, provided they operate in English.

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