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Product Area: Sales Cloud
Product Area: Sales Cloud
Salesforce Verified
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"The day to day involvement, communication and overall response is amazing, unlike anything I've experienced before. They are very knowledgeable and want to see us succeed, and always with a smile!"

Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot, Customer 360 Platform
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot, Customer 360 Platform
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"We engaged Edver Ltd. to provide an Analyst for Lead Management, Lead Scoring, and Campaign refactoring in Salesforce and Pardot. Our Analyst was exceptional. He was understood what was unique about our enterprise quickly and provided relevant knowledge of the technologies to define custom solutions. He respected budgets and timelines and was able to provide options of ideal solutions along with practical solutions. He was very adaptable and agile, managing multiple epics with great attention to detail. He was extremely reliable and took ownership seriously from design to documentation. He is excellent at working independently and collaboratively. Everyone in the team enjoyed his productivity, attention to detail, and his personality - a real joy to work with.

I recommend this consultant with great confidence and hope we work together on new projects."
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Customer 360 Platform
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Customer 360 Platform
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"For this engagement we primarily worked with Kristina for implementation and data migration (Sales Cloud) and with Volodymyr for managing the engagement. Kristina did an incredible job, asked the right questions and suggested solution paths best suited to meet our requirements. Volodymyr made sure we are always informed of progress and capacity of resources. Overall, great collaboration and a successful project. Thanks to the team at Edver and see you for the next project."
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot
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"Easy to work with, very flexible, good level of expertise and reliable.
Edver came in to replace another partner that was not performing. They got the job done efficiently and on time."
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot
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"We really appreciate to work with Stan and if we have a following project we would like him to be part of it."
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot, Customer 360 Platform
Product Area: Sales Cloud, Pardot, Customer 360 Platform
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"Stan and the Edver team have helped to elevate our sales and marketing capabilities to new heights. Their knowledge, communication skills and responsiveness is unsurpassed. Highly recommend for projects both large and small."
Product Area: Customer 360 Platform
Product Area: Customer 360 Platform
Salesforce Verified
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"Stan Turyn at Edver leads a highly-structured Salesforce Development capability, ideally suited to both Salesforce Customers and Partners globally."
Product Area: Pardot
Product Area: Pardot
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"I’ve had a truly fantastic experience with Edver from the start. I vetted several vendors and nothing compared for knowledge, skill, communication and execution.

I’m confident in their work. Their responsiveness is stellar. And with the time difference, I can make a request, go to sleep. Wake up and it’s usually done."

Salesforce Implementation

Discovery, Setup & Customization, Migration & Integration

Focus on User Adoption

Guiding principle: “If you want adoption, give the possibility of adaption.”

  • Active end-user involvement from the earliest stages,
  • A phased approach to implementation,
  • Comprehensive adoption reporting,
  • Using AppExchange apps to ease adoption.

Focus on Data Quality

  • Profiling data to gain understanding,
  • Data control to achieve accuracy and proper access,
  • Data integration to obtain a single source of truth,
  • Data augmentation to increase value,
  • Monitoring to maintain quality,
  • User training to instill ownership.

Focus on User Productivity

  • Human-centered design,
  • Iterative approach
  • Using Salesforce AI
  • Automation tools and apps

Salesforce Administration & Support

User Support & Coaching, User Productivity, Data Quality

Focus on Support & Coaching

  • Proactively assessing system analytics,
  • Proactively reaching out when needed,
  • Focus on human understanding and going to the root of the issue,
  • A robust support process in place,
  • Deep technical understanding of your systems.

Focus on User Experience

  • Collaboratively creating UX personas,
  • Involving end-users in layouts design,
  • Selecting the right apps to end-users,
  • Providing users with metrics they need to make good business decisions in a timely manner,
  • Prototyping with Salesforce Lightning Design System.

Focus on Speed

You can expect from us:

  • a fast start – usually we are able to start working on your project in under 2 weeks,
  • speedy and proactive response to issues and requests, backed by our SLA,
  • anticipating your needs through new technology capabilities.

Pardot Implementation & Support

Automation & Segmentation, Responsive Customer Journeys, Salesforce Integration

Focus on Sales Alignment

  • Salesforce CRM integration,
  • Prospect activity tracking,
  • Real-time alerting,

Focus on AI

  • Lead scoring
  • Behavior scoring
  • Campaign insights

Focus on ROI Impact

  • Connecting marketing efforts to sales data
  • Analyzing campaigns by channels
  • Lifecycle reporting
  • Email reporting
  • Google AdWords integration

Appian Delivery & Support

Rapid Application Development, Instant Deployment, Unified Platform

Intelligent Automation

  • Orchestrate actions across users, systems, and artificial intelligence with agile low-code tools,
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and integrate legacy systems to empower your people to deliver greater value.
  • Make your apps smart using machine learning with AI services and no-code integration to popular AI/ML platforms.
  • Unite and orchestrate all your enterprise data, systems and web services.

Intelligent Document Processing

  • Classify incoming documents and extract data from documents with high accuracy,
  • Use the input from people to further improve the accuracy of classification and extraction,
  • Validate and reconcile the information extracted using the ML model,
  • Incorporate document extraction into upstream or downstream business processes.

Speed of Development

  • Improved Agility
  • Decreased Costs
  • Higher Productivity
  • Effective Risk Management
  • Change Easily
  • Faster Transformation

Edver's Promise

We are user focused and friendly. But first and foremost, our promise to you is to pay attention. Pay attention to your aims, to your users, to the technologies that affect you now or can affect you in the future. 

We are small enough and opinionated enough to allow ourselves to do that. 

We will never presume to know your business better than you.

Instead, we will endeavor to understand your people, to empower them by knowing the ins and outs of technologies you use, by keeping up to date with the latest developments, by always looking, together with you, for ways of evolving today into a better tomorrow!


Working with you, we always try to follow these principles:

  • be generous with sharing knowledge,
  • always be willing to put ourselves...

in your shoes, realizing that your aims, your experience, your situation are unique and not to be taken for granted,
  • be truthful even when being truthful means delivering tough news, knowing that your ultimate success is our success too.
  • End-User Focused

    It's not enough to put the right data in front of a user. It's only half the job. They also need to be able (a) to process that data, and (b) to act appropriately on it.

    Empowering users...

    to achieve all three is at the core of what we aim to deliver for you. And knowing how to deal with users’ unarticulated needs is our superpower.​


    Technology capabilities are advancing faster than users' knowledge of what to ask for.

    Edver's promise to you is to keep up to date with technology changes that have the potential to impact you, at least...

    within the platforms we specialize in, and to proactively inform you and your users about new opportunities and threats. We will keep this promise by:
  • Utilizing our decades of industry experience,
  • Continuous certification program,
  • Participation in wider tech communities,
  • Mutual sharing of experience with our customers,
  • Always staying curious.
  • Ask Us a Question

    We are headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine

    Lviv is one the 3 largest IT hubs in Ukraine, named as a top 10 city for cost-effectiveness in the Financial Times 2019 Smart Locations of the Future ranking.

    Edver is able to draw on this large local IT talent pool to satisfy your expertise needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    We are just 2.5-hour direct flight away from London and we would love to invite you over for a visit!

    We work with the United States (Eastern and Central time zones), UK, Canada, EU member states.

    We are also happy to work with other countries, provided that your company is English-speaking.

    We are experienced in working in this global world – across different time zones and calendars.

    Ordinarily, we guarantee to be available daily and no less than 3 hours (or more, depending on your time zone) of your working day for routine operations and to be available till 5PM ET for emergencies.

    We are always happy to discuss your specific SLA requirements.

    For support projects we provide dedicated full-time and part-time specialists, as well as offering a monthly retainer model.

    For implementation projects we offer fixed fee workshops and a time and materials model.

    We work with Salesforce, Pardot, Appian, and Google Marketing Platform.

    Within Salesforce we specialize in Sales, Marketing, Service, Revenue, and Financial Services clouds, as well as Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics).

    We accept that we are not privileged to know what we don’t know. And neither, most likely, are you and your users 🙂 

    So we adopt an “evolve from the present” approach of shared learning, where we coach users to spot opportunities for improvements, do joint experiments, and iterate on our work to continually adapt and improve.

    We believe this to be a better approach than the “desired end-state” model. An approach that will not only allow us to understand your needs, but will help you evolve them across time.

    We provide strong contractual and procedural assurances of your data security, among them:

    • Edver’s employees are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement that is effective even after they leave the company,
    • a data processing agreement and an NDA is put in place between you and Edver,
    • as part of employees’ onboarding, data security training is mandatory,
    • when working with your systems, only company-issued, audited equipment is allowed to be used.

    If you’ve come to our website, the chances are that’s because of 1 of 2 reasons:

    • either you have been referred to us by somebody who already knows and trusts us, or
    • you had learned elsewhere about our expertise in a specific combination of technologies relevant to your aims, and getting them to work well together.

    We believe that the above, combined with our evolutionary and user-centered approach to systems’ development, makes us the right choice.

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